Tired of being Stranded by your agency? AARK Insurance offers two products

Don't be stranded!  Call us to "shop minimum six markets for each product.  HEY!  You can even add towing and roadside assistance to help with a "physical" stranding.  Lots of discounts available!  Check us out! 

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We are independent agents! DID YOU KNOW some markets actually do offer 24/7 Roadside Assistance?

Did you know there is "no such thing" as "full coverage"?  It can vary from liability, comp and collision to a package that has lots of bells and whistles such as towing, rental car, and roadside assistance.  Does your insurance policy prepare you for an emergency?  Make sure you know!    


Skilled Agents check your policy

Did your agent make sure you know which emergencies are "not" covered in your auto insurance policy?  We know, and  some can be added.  YOU MAKE THE CHOICES!  Did you know some insurance markets offer Towing Insurance "only" and others offer "Roadside Assistance" coverage?  We explain coverages in "plain language" so you can make well informed decisions.   


Do you know that "Liability Only" does not cover damages to your vehicle? MAKE SURE YOU KNOW what you have and if you opt out, make sure you have money in savings to replace the "one car family" vehicle. Don't be "stranded" by lack of information.

This may sound strange, but we "do" sell two products, heaven and insurance.  The first one is the most important, so you have an "extra" benefit of your insurance agent praying for your protection.... YES REALLY!  

DO YOU KNOW? EXTRAS YOU MAY NOT HAVE / Approximate Additional Price List

Online WebQuote™ 6 Markets minimum!

We're here for you!

Our websites are 24/7 for  you to request a quote.  Many of our insurance companies claims staff are available 24/7,  We are here when you need us. Whether you have questions on the coverages and services we provide, or need someone to help you ASAP, send us a message or give us a call!  We shop minimum 6 markets within 24 business hours of the time we receive your information.  

AARK Insurance Agency™

PO Box 6726 Moore, OK 73153-0726 US

(405) 799-8727


24/7 Emergency CLAIMS Assistance Available in most markets. 

Online WebQuote™


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